Saturday, September 18, 2010

WeSpeak's mission statement


WE SPEAK! believes that an artist is never created solely through the procurement of Diplomas nor Degrees, but that a true Artist is born with an inner gift that transcends mere paper qualifications and university training programs. Group We Speak! consists of a set of outspoken Malaysian Artists representing a cross section of the major cultures in Malaysia Aboriginal, Malay, Chinese and Indian.

Evolving throughout our lives, tasting and experiencing life in so many forms, we have found that despite our vastly divergent backgrounds, we all share a common artistic lineage---------------- voices within ourselves yearning for expression, and even deeper within,------- an ability to express these very voices through our eclectic, quality inspired artistic achievement.

All of us harbour the belief that art is truly SOUL, as uniquely perceived, felt and expressed by an individual and that we --as artists--are required by the Universe to create and manifest only that which is already seeking expression from the inspiration deep within our souls. In fact we prefer not to cower or cave to the manipulative expectations of those around us who would seek to instruct us on WHAT or HOW or HOW MUCH, and who would make a commercial parody of our beloved ART, buying low and selling high for immediate personal gain.

We would prefer instead the presence of faithful investors, who are rewarded for their good taste and loyal decision to hold our work in their collections more indefinitely. We applaud the idea of long- term gain for the steadfast patron, when art value appreciates organically and naturally, rather than the buy low ---sell high stock-marketeering of the more mercenary art consumer.

Our art therefore seeks---------- ARDENT ADMIRERS AND PURCHASERS -----------among those who hear our collective massage ( that of WE SPEAK! ) and also among those who fall sincerely in love with our creations, intending not merely to exhibit them in their officers or homes, but who would SAVOUR, ENJOY, INTERPRET, HONOR and TREASURE our creative efforts. We search for those who fan the CREATIVE FIRES within our SOUL, who react to and in some way relate to our messages and creativity, and who find that our deepest insights actually speak to their own experiences and considerations.

We would like 'WE SPEAK!' whose hidden voice echoes from the purest depths of our SOUL, to meet kindred spirits who understands and nurture our varied philosophies, ideologies and creative output. Let others therefore find a similar vibration, a resonance or connection with our own art experiences, so that eventually all of us may SPEAK AS ONE.

Monday, July 26, 2010

"WeSpeak" artists.. (For more artwork and information on the artist, double click on the pictures below.):

Jumeleny Maknoh a.k.a Lenny

Adina Q

Mahat Akiya (Poet, Photographer)

Thangarajoo M.A. Kanniah a.k.a Raj

Shahar "Shaq" Koyok,
"Smile of Deception" (collection of S.Cohen, UK)

Tang Yeok Khang

Shahar "Shaq" Koyok
Smile of Deception, (collection of S. Cohen, UK)